• Wed. May 29th, 2024


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AT&T Launches Enhanced Data Connectivity on the Go


May 10, 2024 ,

AT&T has announced a new plan giving customers the choice to purchase enhanced data connectivity for real-time responsiveness with the introduction of AT&T Turbo on May 2.

Built to support high-performance mobile applications, like gaming, social video broadcasting and live video conferencing, with optimized data while customers are on the go. AT&T Turbo allows users the choice to optimize their network when they want by adding additional network resources to their mobile data connection.

For example, if customers want less freezing or stuttering and lower latency when milliseconds matter in gaming, AT&T Turbo can help offer real-time responsiveness by improving the performance of customers’ data on the network.

Through the myATT app or online, customers can easily add AT&T Turbo, priced at $7/month per line on eligible plans, when they want it and remove it from their line when they don’t.

Eligible customers will be in control of whether to activate this service, which boosts all the high-speed and hot spot data on a user’s connection while it is active. Consistent with open internet principles, once turned on the boost applies to a customer’s data regardless of the internet content, applications, and services being used.

Latency-sensitive applications will continue to need more enhanced network technologies to perform their best, so AT&T plans to continue to advance and evolve AT&T Turbo.